A Moment In Time

I've Found Myself
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The other day I was dilly dallying around with some friends in one of Austin's saloons when someone came up to me and said, "I have seen your picture on the wall before."

Fortunately, it was not in a Post Office, but in what used to be Velvet Elvis in Houston. The picture seems to have been taken about four years ago judging by my obnoxious shirt and my evening migratory habits back then. I'm not sure who the girlie in the photo is, but I'd like to see her again.

Perhaps I should drop her a line on Craigslist's Missed Connections? "We had a magical night years ago at the VE. I would have called, but I was mugged for my shirt and my cell phone just outside the bar. Please call."


Huevos del Gorrión

Huevos del Gorrión
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I'm not sure if the sparrows in the oak tree next door got aid from FEMA, but they built a nest my mailbox in record time following our recent thunderstorms. Looks like they're going to need a jogging stroller soon. Do birds have baby showers?


What's the Big Deal, Martha?

I may be asking for a lot of ragey emails, but can someone please explain why the lack of female members in Augusta National Golf Club is such a big deal? [Payne says no timetable on women at Augusta National (http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=2437506)]

National is a private club. Private as in the membership decides the rules. Private as in that everyone is not a member. Private as in non-members can't tell you what to do. Private as in if you don't like the rules, don't try to join this club; start your own club.

Why isn't there a gender issue regarding the membership rolls of Junior League or college fraternities or sororities? When should I expect a man to show-up in skates and bloomers on RollerGirls?

The Constitution guarantees Americans the right do what they want provided that it is within the context of the law. Thus, if I wanted to start a club catering only to individuals who get pissed off by stupid issues being created or blown out of proportion to further some other agenda, then I can. Martha, you can't be in that club either because you have to be under 40. Sure, that's age discrimination, but it's a private club and we're not a government contractor.