I can't believe it's been a year

Primered and waiting
Primered and waiting, originally uploaded by JaseMan.

One year ago today I signed on the line 71 times to gain possession of Flying Pig Ranch. Has it really been that long? Where did the time go?

I can tell you where it didn't go. 12 months of effort did not go into painting my living room. Hell, it took three months to get the damn thing primered.

My intentions were solid, but my execution was piss poor. I guess that I underestimated the life style change involved with buying a house. There's jacked up utility companies and service providers. There's a yard. There's painting. There's garbage. There's neighbors (not those neighbors).

I have finally begun coming to terms with my limitations and will start considering paying someone to paint the whole place on the inside. Now, I just have to clean up the joint.


I should just pay someone to do that, too.


I Love Halloween Parties

Impure Thoughts
Impure Thoughts, originally uploaded by JaseMan.

I love Halloween and Halloween parties. No, it's not just because ladies like to dress as scantily as possible, but it helps. I like Halloween because most folks are able to relax, at least a little bit, and the my world seems a little less uptight, a lot less corporate and shit tons more fun.

Don't believe me? What's not fun about partying in a toga all night and then wearing it to lunch the next day?

Nothing - that's what.


Bad Habits Die Hard

so which ones are lying?
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Read the following:

"When Burger broke up with Carrie on a Post-It note, I knew it couldn't be a good sign. Boy meets girl. Boy has seemingly good time with girl. Boy loses ability to operate cell phone or e-mail.

I'm kidding a little, but for your future reference, most women (me included) appreciate and respect knowing the straight-up truth."

It's been four years since I got that email. The thing just happened again but without the email. Clearly I have not yet figured out how to talk to women. Go figure.

I'm good at small talk.

I'm good at hanging out.

I'm good at meeting your friends.

So, why can't I figure out how to work my mouth when it counts?



Sunday with Stella

Stella, originally uploaded by JaseMan.

Sunday was incredible for what was not.
I was not stressed out.
The Saints were not losing.
Rain was not falling.
And, Stella was not cooped up in the garage.


Costa Rican Coffee Pot

Costa Rican Coffee Pot

The Carriage House ladies were my gracious hostesses during my visit to Austin this weekend. They've got the coolest, most original (and only) coffee pot sack that I've ever seen. The best part is that the coffee was great.