I can't believe it's been a year

Primered and waiting
Primered and waiting, originally uploaded by JaseMan.

One year ago today I signed on the line 71 times to gain possession of Flying Pig Ranch. Has it really been that long? Where did the time go?

I can tell you where it didn't go. 12 months of effort did not go into painting my living room. Hell, it took three months to get the damn thing primered.

My intentions were solid, but my execution was piss poor. I guess that I underestimated the life style change involved with buying a house. There's jacked up utility companies and service providers. There's a yard. There's painting. There's garbage. There's neighbors (not those neighbors).

I have finally begun coming to terms with my limitations and will start considering paying someone to paint the whole place on the inside. Now, I just have to clean up the joint.


I should just pay someone to do that, too.

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