Adios, Los Pedros!

What happens when your default setting is no longer an option? I do not know. I am about to learn.

Los Pedros migrated their family unit to Dallas on Saturday. I have not been home since.

OK. That reads more dramatically than it should. I haven't been home because of work not because I hate my house or the hood.

That's not to say that the neighborhood hasn't lost a lot of luster since you know who did you know what. But, I am not planning to move anywhere in the near future. Part of the rationale for buying a house was to not move for a few years. Of course, those plans could change should I meet a candidate for the missus. Whole lotta candidates up here in Toronto. The EJBA has been howling constantly.

I still can't believe they won't live next door to me when I get back to town. Their stuff will be neatly staged around the house awaiting a buyer to choose their crib like a teenager choosing a puppy at the pound. My mental image conjures up memories of the life sized Tomorrow Land dioramas at DisneyWorld.

Let me explain what I mean by default lest you get the wrong idea. Default does not mean that hanging out with Los Pedros was a fall back plan only to be exercised in the event that all other options were duds or involved microfiber Midtown duds. Default, in this context, meant that spending time next door was my first choice. Don't believe me? Ask The Bolivian.

Our exchanges about going out used to go like this:
"Yo, JB, we're going to [fill in the blank with a cheesy "Midtown" bar]. You in?"

The "nope" was usually because eating dinner, drinking White Russians and playing with KP are laid back no fuss options that I really enjoyed even if I did get my ass kicked at Monopoly last week. Thanks for increasing my therapy bill, LP.

Now the exchanges will probably go something like this:
"Yo, JB, we're going to [fill in the blank with a cheesy "Midtown" bar]. You in?"

"I guess so," sighed an exasperated JB into the phone as he realized that he would have to endure crowds of posing $30,000 millionaires.
Yo, Pedros, is it too late to reconsider your move to Dallas? I'll mow your grass for six months!

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