Just paid for my great great grandchild's baby rattle

Sorry. What I meant to say was that I just pre-ordered the Harry Potter box set. All seven novels in hardback in some fancy box. Of course I don't plan on opening it when it comes so that it'll be worth tens of dollars 80 years from now. It'll just collect dust on the shelf next to my comic book collection which is slated to pay for the future mini-me's first trip to El Rey.

I feel like the Andy in 40 Year Old Virgin, but I'm not either. Excuse me while I go box up my Aquaman action figure and wait for Catherine Keener to come home.

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vdub said...

No worries: I have - a plan. I'm borrowing the entire set from my friend Glenn. I'll hand off each one to you as I plug along in the series, and that way you'll never have to crack open your nest egg. I expect I'll get a percentage of the tens of dollars with you down the road, which is a small price to pay for such a genious plan, when you think about it.