150+ Evade Bulls in The French Quarter

A wisp of an idea on Mardi Gras day was realized on Saturday. San Fermin en Nueva Orleans sprang to life in the French Quarter at the crack of dawn as 150+ participants huffed and puffed their way along a half-mile route between bars.

The story goes something like this. The Mic ran into acquaintance on Mardi Gras who'd dressed up like a bull runner. The two had a chat during which The Mic commented that San Fermin should be recreated in NOLA. Mix in a hot bride, a TDO, a Kurt & a Tracey and it was a done deal.

Plans were made. People were contacted. Outfits were designed. Locations were secured.

Runners, or participants as they are more accurately called as few resembled runners, started to gather at The Three Legged Dog on Conti at 7 AM on July 7, 2007. The Mic, Bef & I got there just after 6 AM so that they could iron out last minute logistics there and at the end point, Sidebar. Anxiety began to set in after only a few folks had trickled in by 7 AM and most were folks we knew. We were all going to feel pretty silly if only a dozen folks were being chased by a dozen "bulls" portrayed by Big Easy Roller Girls.

Then it happened; a non-familiar face dressed from head to toe in white accented with red sashes pushed open the saloon doors - then another and another. The trickle of participants turned into a deluge. The three bartenders were having difficulty keeping up with the throng of Sangria-craving customers inside. Los Pastores were having trouble containing the crowd outside.

A second batch of sangria was mixed on the fly as the first five gallons waned. The second five gallons were nearly depleted as the 8 AM start time grew closer. The barker yelped instructions through a megaphone inside the Dog before delivering an invocation to the kneeling participants outside the bar.

And then they were off.

Ten minutes later most participants had reached the finish and were ordering their next sangrias. The party rolled on into the afternoon, but what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans. You'll just have to make the next one.

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