Top Ten Things You Need to Know Right Now

10. I'm not paying attention in training class right now.
9. This will bite me in the ass on my next project.
8. My ass is still purple from getting beat down by the Bulls.
7. Preliminary word on the skreet is that a Pamplona paper will be
running a story on San Fermin Nueva Orleans.
6. YouTube is a blessing and a curse.
5. My NOLA weekend lag is worse than my Toronto jet lag.
4. You will experience turbulence if you sit behind me on the airplane
with your three singing toddlers and let them kick the back of my
3. I will push you down if you walk out of a door and stop two feet
outside of the threshhold.
2. Toronto chicks are hot.
1. My desire to take pictures that I can blow up to wallpaper size and
my desire to be a cheap bastard are tearing me apart right now.

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