Cannonball! Cannonball Comin'!

I finally figured out why parents tell you not to run on the pool deck. You may trip on the six inch tall American flag that you can't see sticking out of the ground because your beer goggles are too thick.

I spent the Fourth of July weekend at Speer Country Club in Katy, TX after my plans in Huntington Beach unraveled at the last minute. SCC features crazy people, flippy cup and turbo coladas. All you really need to know is that I'm the intern and there is a paramedic on staff.

Had I known about the festivities getting down at the SCC, Huntington Beach would have never inched into the picture. On the other hand, had I known about the cannonball heading in my direction I would have likely retreated to Bartlesville, OK.

Suffice it to say that I will not be transforming myself from a turbo colada sipping chaise lounger into a cannonball any time soon just to see my buddy's fiancee's boobs.

Wait a minute. Who am I kidding?

Click here to view the carnage.

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