It's Quittin' Time

I'm looking for a new job in a major way, people. And by "major way," I mean that I have updated my resume and applied for five yobs over the past couple of weeks.

Don't ask me why or I may punch you in the face. Not really, but kinda. Have you read this blog or talked to me much? I bitch a lot about work. I know this.

I'm finally ready to through in the towel at McCall, Gilchrist & Haynes. I'm realigned with my original career coach. I've been back on the road for nearly a year, which means that I am more certain than ever that I'm sick of it - no matter how many free trips I earn. And, I just eclipsed the ten year mark with MG&H.

Guess what I get for that. Guess! Guess! I'll give you ten guesses and you probably still won't get it.

Finished? You'd better sit down. Drum roll, please.

I get a fruit basket. Yep, a fruit basket with genuine pears and oranges and stuff. Hell no I'm not disappointed. It is from Harry & David after all. I will say that I wish they would have sprung for the Jelly of the Month Club.



Anonymous said...

awh kitten, i can relate.

but i am really stoked for you and the basket of perishable (and possibly salmonella tainted) fruit. my, how their love for you is fleeting.


Lil Sass said...

Oh honey, i am so f'ing excited to hear about this!!!! xoxoxox

MicNola said...

Ever stage a major event? We may be hiring in the near future...sincerely, NOLABULLS.com

Anonymous said...

you're fired (insert gay donald trump hand/finger motion now). pontifica says hi.