Today I Limited My Career...on Purpose

Most of my colleagues would say that I've done a fairly solid job of managing to keep my work life and my personal life in balance. I disagree, but everything is relative. Let's put it this way. I currently earn 22 days of vacation each year and typically carryover no less that half of those days each year.

Today, I made a choice to improve my life. I gave my preliminary notice. I told the folks at McCall, Gilchrist & Haynes that I am finished with the consulting lifestyle as they define it and am actively seeking a new job.
  • I'm done with living on the road for at least four days a week for nine to 18 months at a time

  • I'm tired of having stronger relationships with hotel staff than with my friends back home

  • I'm tired of driving rental cars more than my own although I do appreciate the opportunity to demo potential replacements for a week

  • I'd like to be excited to go to airports instead of immediately starting the countdown until my return flight home

  • I'd like to understand what it's like to stay in your hometown for a month without going anywhere

Consulting, particularly in my skill area, is a very small world. Conferences feel like a high school class reunion. Colleagues become clients and vice-versa. I thought it best to avoid burning any bridges and only lightly singe them instead. Hopefully that's what I've done.


Bizarley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very proud of your decision. That means you will be in town more often to take me for a ride on your scooter!

Trey D said...

And with that, an institute in IT consulting leaves us.

"Damn the man, Save the Empire!"
"I regret not the things I've done, but those I did not do"

Anonymous said...

You'll never leave!

MaryJane said...

I hope it works for you sooner, rather than later.

Former High Priestess
Kingdom of CLM

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you should discuss these huge decisions with the future Mrs. Bargas???? -Kelly O