This Just In...The Beatles Kick Ass!

Buh-zillions of adoring fans over the years may be proof positive of The Beatles' grooviness for most folks, but not for me. Liking something does not necessarily make it good. After all, lots of folks liked the Edsel, ColecoVision & Milli Vanilli. Where are those adoring fans now?

Plus, my mom loved The Beatles. As we all know well, parents liking something basically insures that you will not like it on general principle. Years of touting the greatness of Brussels sprouts, dentist visits and fruit cake back me up.

Yesterday was relatively uneventful as I piloted my cubicle through another maze of corporate systems challenges that were as interesting as a filibuster on whether or not the Kirby Silver Surfer or the Mobius Silver Surfer is the one true Silver Surfer.

I was saved by the stifling mundanity by the surfacing of Abbey Road in my digital music rotation. Holy cow! It's not The Beastie Boys, but I can deal with it. I rocked out as one classic after another flowed through the digisphere and my headphones into my ear bones.

Whew! I'm glad that I finally figured out that The Beatles rule. Next week I plan on addressing this "The World Is Not Flat Issue." I looks pretty flat as I gaze through the tinted office window.

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