The BackWord is Back

During the past few months many of you have asked me what happened to the TheBackWord, the Austin-based online magazine for which I used to scribe. In August, the editors were overcome with real life pursuits like work, marriage and living; they decided to pull the plug on El BW before it jumped the shark. Some time shortly thereafter The BackWord faded off into Bolivian, and a hole was left in the InterWeb.

The topic came up again during our family Christmas dinner this year. Cousin Trey, also a BackWord contributor, filled in the gaps for the fam while I filled my gap with seafood gumbo and potato salad.

While I chomped, I thought about the good ole days when I was funny and could write more better than I do now. Luckily, the Tabasco sauce must have melted some frozen brain cells.

I realized that I had, months before, pulled down the files for Trey's articles and mine. I found the files just where I didn't remember putting them four months before, on my flash drive, and sent the zip file to Trey.

Now our articles live again, displaying to all further evidence of the depth of our mania and our need of a grammar lesson. Visit The BackWord (abridged version) at http://www.treydogg.com/TheBackWord.