A Sucker is Born

Before I moved from Houston to Austin I was out running errands and
when these two guys in a Durango pull up beside me in traffic offering
lots of "overstock" discounted stereo equipment. I figured, "What the
hell? I need new speakers."

I pulled over in a parking lot near a high traffic area so that I
wouldn't get jacked...for my car. They showed me a glossy magazine
with the list price of the gear and a bill of lading for the order. It seemed as if everything was in order. Shouldn't I help these guys out?

The old adage goes, "If something's too good to be true, it probably
is." My amended version includes the add-on "unless your buddy, Dug,
says it's a good deal."

Based on his crackerjack advice and my stupidity, I rationalized
buying a set of speakers as a great deal. I still haven't used the
damn things cuz I don't want to have hard core proof that I'm a dope.

Too late.

Normally, I would never disclose anything like this. But, the same
thing happened to C├ęsar, from The BackWord, here in Austin. I just
read his blog entry on El Mas Chingon. He just said no. It's clear that he's got more brains than me.

Anyone got clear title on the Brooklyn Bridge?


Anonymous said...

Why was it a bad deal? Were the speakers faulty?

JB el JB said...

Top Five Reasons It Was a Bad Deal
5. The color I agreed to buy and the color of the speakers in the box were different.
4. The gianormous, but attractive speakers are said to have poor sound quality per the reviews on the WebberNet.
3. Lack of ability to get a refund once I experienced my moment of clarity.
2. Doing business in a parking lot is never a good deal unless it's a drive-thru.
1. I was a moron.