Things Making My Head Hurt Today

My near noon headache is probably due to the sharp decline of caffeine and/or High Life in my diet these days. Maybe I just need a nap. Most likely I have a headache because I keep thinking about stupid things that have little value, which is my standard M.O. for procrastinating on days when the weather is great and I am less thanmotivated to work on meaningful tasks.

That's a Cool Shirt, But I'm Not Sure It's Worth 28 Bucks
I'm still trying to understand why people pay $28 for a t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. It's a t-shirt and it's $28? We're talking 'bout a t-shirt? No collar? But a fucking t-shirt? Making your own t-shirt is much cooler and cost effective. I'm in the wrong business. PayPal me 28 bucks, and I'll make you a cool t-shirt.

Rude People
My day job keeps interfering with my peace of mind and laid back attitude. Today some freak show from the West Coast is working on my last nerve with a dull cheese grater. She does have a valid point to her problem [sorry, but it's been redacted], but she is acting like a fourth grader. Too bad that she's old enough to have grand kids in the fourth grade. She should be an NBA player. She may blow a heart valve if she's not careful. Worse yet, she may cause me to have
aneurysm as well. I wish I were a girl so I could fly out there and punch her since it is not socially acceptable for guys to hit girls.

OK, now I have to go back in the classroom to practice my penmanship or I'll get another detention.

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