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Brothers in Shirts, Part Deux
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Y'aloha, gentle readers - all three of you. My blathering got derailed by home buying, settling in, Houstonisting and beer drinking or some combination thereof. I was pleasantly surprised to get the "My wife is pissed that you're not writing anymore" feedback. You like me! You really like me!

I nearly went crazy about fifteen times during the close of 2006, but I've managed to hang on to the end of my rope by a fraction of a fingernail. Spamming the WebberNet with my ramblings is actually therapeutic and I'm glad to be back. 2006 was a decent year featuring a concentration of Italian travel, two surgeries and general weirdness.

Traveling to Italy twice in one year was stellar, but someone really needs to talk to them about fixing toll booths so that they don't break after every car. No one should ever be able to get out of the car, stand on the toll booth and take pictures of the traffic jam.

Fixing the cankle was big news last year. It's mending nicely but still not game ready, but that's another story entirely. I'm glad to not fall over upon standing. However, I still brace it when I'm out carousing or anticipating a violent doormat.

Weirdness was plentiful between the Saints and home buying. Who dat thought I would buy a house? And, who dat thought the Saints would kickass? Who dat wants to paint my house?

Buckle up, knuckleheads! Double oh seven will be interesting.

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