Fish. It's what's for dinner...kinda.

The Wasabi Triad issued a challenge in late July that I couldn't resist. We are spending all of July shunning meat in the name of "por que no?" Not eating meat for a month isn't as bad as it sounds buscept for:
  • getting hungry, after you have gotten drunk, at a pub on your first day as a wegetarian and the only menu option is cheese quesadilla
  • having to eat at the same two restaurants for lunch most of the time
  • having to remember to not eat meat when you're sleepy or distracted
  • the somersaults my tummy will do when I start to ween myself back on to the goods
  • having just been distracted and eaten a bowl of cassoulet con snausage
RAT FARTS! I hope the tummysaults hold off for at least another couple hours.

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Judy said...

We are not to speak of said snausage.