Ponder This: Hometown

I have finally joined the 2005 crowd and created a Facebook profile. Facebook, like other social media/networking sites, tends to stress me out a little bit about the information listed on your profile. What if people don't think my favorite book (The Count of Monte Cristo) is cool because of that lame ass movie? Are people gonna judge me because I think WHOA KELLY CLARKSON! is great bubble gum pop? Are folks going to hunt me down because I declined their friend request? [Note: even writing that makes me feel like a pompous asshole.] These and other seemingly innocuous questions make me fidget.

The one real question that drives me nuts is: what's your hometown? That's tricky to answer. I lived in Baton Rouge for 20 years - birth to 8th grade and then seven years of college. All of my immediate family except for Mom live in BR. BR is where I go for most holiday type functions and funerals. But, whenever you tell someone you're from The Rouge, the first question people ask is, "Where did you go to high school?"

I went to high school in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. FWB is where I got my first driver's license, had my first kiss, skipped class, snuck into movies, worked at McDonald's and did all the things that I typically think of one doing while you're growing up. As such, that make me think of FWB as my hometown. Plus, it was the last place I lived before moving away for college. However, like Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank, I rarely ever go there. And, no I'm not an assassin. At least not as far as you know.

At what point does the town your living in become your hometown? I've been in Houston for 10 years now. I certainly feel like I'm "home" when the humidity smacks me in the face as I exit airplanes and walk up the jetway. I think the Houston: It's Worth It campaign kicks ase and agree with many of the reasons given. I chose to live in Houston over Austin. Yet I respond, "I live in Houston" when the "where are you from?" question rears its ugly head.

To me this indicates that I should list either Baton Rouge or Ft. Walton Beach as my hometown. Plus, Ft. Walton has beach in the name so that makes it instantly cooler than BR or H-town. But, I feel like I'm cheating on Houston when I do that.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Robert Bond said...

1) Go with Baton Rouge...Ft. Walton Beach to Houston is 567 miles. Halfway puts you in Baton Rouge.

2) Don't use Facebook. Use MySpace...and click on the ads while you are there.

Trey D said...

Ah, the eternal question...

Where are you from? = Le Rouge
Where do you live? = Dallas

I still say I'm from Baton Rouge, even though I get yelled out by the TX g/f & friends since I'm starting my 5th year in Dallas. But with almost a quarter century staked in BR, can't give it up so easily. Plus 2 National Championships...

Adding to the difficulty is no one ever ask where you live; always where are you from.

Lil Sass said...

Firstly, baby-making and anything leading up to it is officially OFF.THE.FING.TABLE b/c you joined FB and NO I am not kidding you. Facebook and Kelly Clarkson in one paragraph? Regardless of what I've said in the past, I'm judging you .... I'm judging you harder than Judge Judy!

Stop kidding yourself, you bleed purple and yellow, have you forgotten? You HUMP Louisiana!

You're from BR
You have SETTLED *gasp* in Houston

Now go keep being lame

MicNola said...

You know you live at 630 Pacific! FOOL!!!

NOLA BABY NOLA, it's the only place to be from, ya heard me!