I'd Rather Watch 48 Hours of Lifetime

Moving sucks. It is a fact. You can look it up.

Packing is punishment for being a consumer. You knew you shouldn't have bought those nasty running shoes that your brother called the ugliest thing since Sanda Bernhard. But, you did. You didn't need to rescue that kickass BMX cruiser from the dumpster and rebuild it. But, you did.

Once you've overcome the mass of crap crammed into the upper reaches of your 200 degree attic, the trick is convey your loot to its new home. Listen to me now. Believe me later. PAY THE MONEY FOR MOVERS TO DO THEIR JOB. Deciding to move on your own, even if you're using a U-Haul, but particularly if you are using a pick-em up truck, is more likely bring rain than planning an outdoor wedding (do it in AZ and they'll love you) or washing your car.

Settling into your new place is test of your patience, determination and sanity. Procrastinators beware: if you don't get 'er done now, you'll still be unpacking boxes two weeks before your lease expires. So, quit blogging, get your ass off of your shoulders and do the work.

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