The Dust Bowl Music Fest is Just Around the Corner

Austin City Limits Festival is just around the corner and the schedule has been announced, which you means you'd better put some haul in your ass if you plan on getting tickets and accommodations for the weekend of September 15 - 17. Organizers have pledged that the dust bowl extravanganza of last year will not happen again. But then again, some people thought that the levees would keep floodwaters out of NOLA.

Many folks, including moi, have pontificated about strategies for the music festival. Four of five dentists surveyed hold the following tennants of Fest attendance to be self evident and will deem you a nincompoop if you don't listen.

Top Five Don't's* for ACL Fest 2006:
5. Don't forget the little things, like tying your house key to your shorts so you don't lose it running from the beer tent back to the stage, and bring your own koozie, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat & chair ($4 at Target).
4. Don't get offended if your friends want to listen something other than what you want to listen to. It ain't personal; it's a festival.
3. Don't eat all of the Kettle Corn if you ain't planning to buy the next bag.
2. Don't fire up your damn cigarette within a foot of another fester and consistently blow the smoke in their face because they will jump your shit...and I will help them.
1. Don't be too cool to bring the maximum allowance of bottled water per person into the Fest, and be sure you drink it. You don't want eat stroke, just ask BT.

*Anybody got any idea on the correct way to write don'ts?

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Trey said...

I recall a wise man once scribing his ACL experiences and knowledge for all to read:

12 Steps For Surviving Austin City Limits Music Festival