Ankle Surgery Index

Das Boot
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For all you stats nerds and Harper's Index fans out there.

Number of surgeries: 2
Length (cm) of incision: 11
Staples: 16
Sutures: 6
Days since first surgery: 30
Days since last surgery: 17
Days in the hospital: 2
Days on crutches: 29
Trips to the doctor's office: 6
Movies watched from the couch: 17
Movies watched at the theater: 3
Complete seasons of TV shows watched: 3
Books read: 4
Cribbage games lost to TP: 7; games won: 3
Dollars won at Stew's poker game: 78
Poached eggs destroyed while crutch cooking: 3
Meals eaten out: 38
House plants before surgery: 3; after surgery: 6
Number of times my car has been in the shop since surgery: 3
Number of times I have driven my car since surgery: 0
Days (anticipated) after I can drive again that I will get rid of the bucket: 5

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