14 Months, 16 Babies

Los Pedros
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Nothing makes you feel like you're a bit behind the race pace like your friends and family hatching a dearth of young 'uns. Sure, most of the new parents are still a couple of years older than me, but damn, did you all drink the same Kool-Aid last year?

At least 16 babies have been born to my friends and family during the 14 months. The Rubinator started everything last August when she debuted on August 5, 2005. Then came Owen, Kaia on Valentine's Day, Briggs, Kalle, Zoe, Henry on my birthday, Gracie, Kate, Calvin, Adele, Saylor, Emmett, Isaac, Annelise & Grant.

I'd be loaded if I only I were innovative enough to invent something that all new parents needed tons of besides diapers and breast pumps.

I've learned two important things as a result of all these hatchlings: 1. you can get practically any crying infant to shut their yapper by bouncing them on one of those exercise balls (yeah, Kalle) & 2. don't drink the water at any of my friend's houses cuz that's how they got prego

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