Kelly Clarkson Signals Anxiety

Kelly Clarkson
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I'm closing on my new place tomorrow morning and am about to have a Trainspotting style panic attack. I can't sit still. I haven't packed anything. My apartment is a disaster. I keep picturing Kevin Bacon as Chip from Animal House. He's screaming, "Remain calm all is well" but all I seem to hear is Kelly Clarkson singing "Since You've Been Gone."

Whoa Kelly Clarkson!

Time managment pundits on the InterWeb write about focusing on the quick wins and recent accomplishments to help you stay focused. Well, I've accomplished exactly five things on a to-do list featuring 62 items.

I'd try to get back on target, but my gCal reminder just sounded indicating it's time for more time sucking lunch.

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Monica said...

i really hope that you've seen this. if not, take the time to watch it. it will chang eyour whole outlook on all things Kelly Clarkson.