Happy Mardi Gras Y'all

F Guys Pre-ride
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A year of anticipation culminated in a blurry flash of excitement that was over way too fast. Hind sight is 20/20 as always. This year it's kicked up a notch to 20/15 since I wasn't prepared as well as 2006. Nothing like a six hour drive on I-10 (thanks LA DoT) to get your reflections and ruminations out of the way. Therefore, I present you with my resolutions and forward thinking for next year.

+ Don't plan to work on Fat Tuesday. I'm back in the office right now and am a miserable sumbitch. The F Float music is blaring (yeah I'm proud of the mix, but I'm skipping The Tubes) and it ain't helping. I wish I was back in NOLA with the crew. I'll probably get shot if I ride down the street on some chick's hood here instead of the Marigny.

+ Buy more beads. I didn't read the emails or disengage my bowel-cranial syndrome enough to realize that we were back to the full length route this year. I didn't order enough beads (and whined like a bitch until the ride was over). Fortunately I was able to make a last minute trip to Sam's.

+ Get drunker on Saturday night so that I can sleep all night. We've gotta be at the Hilton at 8 AM on Sunday so that we can hurry up and wait to board the bus so that we can wait some more before we wait on the police to figure out how to block traffic so that we can get on the float. Anticipating all that waiting and cannonballing resulted in me not sleeping most of the night. I'm not into Advil PM or Ambien, so I'll just have to get a bit drunker.

What the hell am I supposed to do for the next 363 days until the next magical Sunday? And, who in their right mind would schedule the effing Super Bowl on Mardi Gras Sunday? Here come da Saints.

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