Start drinking. It's Cannonball Friday.

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Some of you may not yet be familiar with the Mardi Gras tradition/phenomenon that is Cannonball Friday. Let me splain you.

Cannonball Friday is the Friday before Fat Tuesday during which folks affiliated with a specific krewe load their float and then get ripped. The poison of choice is any handy cheap wine, like Boone's Farm, Wild Irish Rose or the like. If you can't figure out the cannonball reference, then you need to watch more movies.

Typically the time line goes something like this:

+ 9 AM: Wake-up and cook breffast
+ 10 AM: Load beads into car
+ 10:30 AM: Drink one cannonball
+ 11 AM: Load float
+ Noon: Loading is finished and cannonballs are flying
+ 1 PM: Lunch and more cannonballs
+ 3 PM: Cat's Meow for more cannonballs and bead throwing
+ 4 PM: Dance with some strange old lady on the stage while karaoking
+ 5 PM: Begin to pass out
+ 5:15 PM: Preliminary hangover pangs develop
+ 5:30 PM: Cab home
+ 5:45 PM: Emergency hydration
+ 6 PM: Pass out while watching Kung Fu Hustle


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just me said...

you forgot:

+ 4:36pm Robotics

Sarah would be so proud.