Help Wanted: Career Needed

Somebody gimme some resume paper (paper plate - it's a long story; ask DRB or Rex) quick cuz I need to write out my resume. I have been working at the same company for the past nine years. I have learned a ton and wracked up a shit ton of frequent flyer points because of all the travel required. I loved my job in the beginning, liked it during the middle years and have been speeding toward not liking it recently.

My primary anxiety concerns the travel. Traveling to Rimini is fun. Traveling every week to Stamford, CT is not. Driving through Croatia is a blast except when you get lost, and even then it's not so bad. I hoped to get lost driving to Bartlesville, OK. Hey, at least I'm gonna score a nice 40" plasma with those AmEx points, right?

The folks at work assure me that they will do everything in their power to keep me local. Nothing is guaranteed in consulting. Nothing. Nada. Niente. I've watched project rookies roll off on their first day. Friends have been at the airport on the jetway when they received a call telling them that they were no longer required on the project. So, I'm not holding my breath for an in-town gig.

My ideal career would be one that features some intrinsic rewards, a decent salary, flexible working arrangements and the ability to wear jeans most of the time. Decent salary means that I can pay for FPR, afford to lose at a poker game and ride in Mardi Gras. On the flex front, I'm talking about being able to choose to work from home or the office depending on commitments. The intrinsic part of the equation seems to be the toughest to nail down.

You can have sexy, JT. I need to bring the passion back. No, not sex, LP (you always think I'm being dirty). I'm tawkin bout loving my job. Being motivated to get to the office early to get things done. That passion exists now, but only when I'm about to finish up the project.

I can do anything. Seriously. I've even changed a diaper. I'm not opposed to a total switch in career fields or a big salary cut provided that the opportunity is a solid.

Leave a comment with your suggestions on where to look or what I should be when I grow-up. Drop me an email if you want to see my resume.


Shereen said...

I heard you were thinking about teaching...let me know. I have my teaching certificate and I can give you some pointers. I will keep my eyes and ears open for anything else.

Crystal said...

When you figure this out, will you take a copy of my resume with you? Please?

Windy said...

Get over it whiney baby ... working sucks. period. Stupid jobs.