I'm doing that drywall up in Las Colinas

Bird is ready
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Back in the D for the week teaching rookies how to consult. The newbies are pretty quick to pick things up and eager beavers to get their first assignments. My memories of those times, the end of the salad days, are vague - nearly lost after about a million frequent flier miles and lots of shitty fried vittles.

Still, one can't help but get jazzed up about work when you're talking about it all the time. The war stories - both good and bad - are the most vivid memories. 'Member that time I flattened the tire of my Avis car while doing donuts in the middle of the icy street in Bartlesville? That was the same project on which Jake and I drank all the Diet Mountain Dew from all seven Coke machines in the building about three days after they were stocked. "Chip, I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew." Those were both good times. Fuck you's to the grill from Mary in front of the training team qualifies as bad.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I lived. Suck it, Mary.

Thank you eight pound six ounce newborn Baby Jesus.

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