My decisions have been outsourced

There's been a startling turn of events today. I decided to outsource all of my decision making. The seemingly innocuous activity of getting a referral for a dentist has turned out to be totally nocuous. DFT & Judy did a bang up job. My new dentist kicks ass. It doesn't hurt that the hygienist is a scorching hot Eastern European mouse.

I've also asked my advisory board, Los Pedros & Los Freaky Toms, to refer physicians and eye doctors. Five minutes ago I emailed a select few folks to provide content for my bio on Houstonist. This is when that I realized my decision making had just been outsourced. FORK!

Let's hope I can find some decisiveness before I start client-serving work again on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Did you know I did this years ago? kathy nominated herself to my Board of Directors back immediately post-Healthlink. I haven't made a decision since! Best thing I ever did for my sanity!

Judy said...

Genius. Who woulda thought...and why am I not charging? It might be cheaper if you just got one of those Magic 8balls.