Overheard @ DFW

People say the most outlandish shit during conversations. I wonder if they realize how stupid they sound. All of the following are lines overheard from dialog between strangers in DFW airport.
"Mormon is just like Catholic but without all the booze."

"Hi, my name's Colleen. Irish on both sides with a little bit of German."

"I make a lot of money."

"My brother runs all of the air operations [for the war in Iraq]. He's a really big stud."


Dave, MaryJane, Riley and "the Soph" said...

What about, "So,...your waiting on a plane huh?!"

Trey said...

How about "I'm a $30,000/yr employee, but drive a 2007 BMW and hang out at Ghost Bar every night. BTW, do you know any good credit counselors?"