Holidays should always be on Fridays

Today is Labor Day. I haven't labored. I am one of the lucky folks that actually get the day off. Sorry to those of you in the service industries who have to work so that I can enjoy fast food, coffee, retail and movie rentals. Thanks for doing the work.

I may have had the day off, but my Labor Day holiday still sucked. Labor Day snuck up on me. I was not prepared. There were no killer weekend plans in the mix. Actually, that's not true. My friend, Kestel, got married in Santa Fe but I was unable to attend. Rain fell most of the day, and I have yet to leave the house. In fact, I just showered about ten minutes ago.

Why am I telling you this depressing story?

All holidays should be celebrated on Fridays to prevent Monday melancholiness from ruining your day off. My subconscious mind keeps telling my conscious mind to think about work even though I keep trying not to work. Thinking about work on a holiday stinks. In fact, four out of three dentists surveyed said that thinking about work on your day is more likely to cause cavities than eating candy and not brushing your teeth. How about them apples?

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