Wearing nothing but a smile and some strategically placed spray paint

The other day I got an email from a PR rep that said, "Imagine having to paint your pants on tomorrow instead of put them on..." Hmm...I'm not too sure I would dig that. Then I got to this line, "let me know if you would be interested in serving as a guest judge at the event." I can dig that. Where do I sign up?

The Tuaca Body Art Ball is on tour and may be coming to a city near you. In short, the event is a bunch of mostly nekkid folks with painted outfits on. The painting take about 6 hours on average and provides most of the "clothing" for the performers. Once painted, the ladies and gentleman (~15 total) take the stage for the presentation of the work. Most perform some sort of interpretive dance. A couple of the ladies sang and were actually good - much better than some of the American Idol folks.

Unfortunately I don't have any photographic evidence save for this press photo lifted from the Austin Statesman. Apparently, Tuaca, the main sponsor and Italian liqueur brand, considers all images copyrighted property which is just another way of saying, "We ain't lettin' you photograph our hotties." Oh well.

The lady pictured here actually tied for the win in Houston. She's dressed up like some sort of Egyptian princess and is wearing the most clothes out of any of the performers. The other 1st place finisher was painted to look like a voodoo princess. She scared the shit out of me. I keep having nightmares from Live and Let Die and the coffin full of snakes.


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