It's Not Easy Being Green

New Yorker Wrapping Paper

New Yorker Wrapping Paper, originally uploaded by JaseMan.

Most folks assume that I'm just another run of the mill consumer who throws caution to the wind and his recyclables right into a land fill. Suck it. You're wrong.

For a few years now, I have combined a small recycling effort with my disdain for the manufactured industries surrounding the holidays - specifically the wrapping paper industry. Do you honestly expect me to pay hard-earned cash for wrapping paper just so giftees can rip it apart and throw it away? Are you out of your tree?!

This year folks will once again be receiving items wrapped in deconstructed magazine pages taken from New Yorker and Harper's and maybe a Wired or two. Just to be clear - I'm not being cheap. I'm protesting Hallmark industries.

Any money saved gets passed on to friends and family as kickass presents. Suck on that, Mr & Mrs. Hallmark Set.


Lil Sass said...

This is not only impressive and ingenious, it kinda turns me on. Can you send me something wrapped in pages from Playboy? AWESOME!

Judy said...

I'm a little disappointed actually. If you were really "green" (I know you love that term), you'd wrap your presents in scraps from the compost bin. Can't wait to get my pasta maker (hint hint) wrapped up in last week's corn husks.