Once, When I Was Young

HoDawg Sardines
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Most of my friends are getting married or having kids these days. My little brothers are entering their middle twenties, but I had never felt as old as when the UGA HoDawgs ultimate team came to Austin for the Centex College tournament.

It's not the age of the young women staying at my house making feel wrinkled and crusty; it's the age of my memories.

I still remember road trips to tournaments like they happened last week. Long gone are the days of watching VHS tapes on a 13" TV hotwired to the lighter socket of Malone’s Bronco2, sleeping 12 to a room at Motel6 because we could and using an empty Fuddrucker's fry basket to make a salad from veggie and condiment bar.

After 15 years of mental sediment, these and other fragments of realities past bounce around my misshapen head like a ping pong ball in a laundromat dryer. Thanks for putting another quarter in the dryer, ladies. I just hope the dryer still works in another 15 years.

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