Whatever Happened to Larry Williams?

A hundred years ago in the mid 1990's, Larry Williams jumped out of my TV screen and gave me directions to the Motel 6 in Longview, Texas. "You drivin' ova da bridge. You drivin' ova da bridge. You drivin' ova da bridge. BAM! Right turn on green."

I have often thought that I'd seen Larry a time or two here in Austin as I was cavorting around the downtown area. But, I couldn't be sure it was him and was a bit too timid to ask. If you've not been privy to the Larry Williams experience, you are missing out.

Larry Williams is a reality TV original captured on video tape by two guys on a cross-country roadtrip who end up lost in Longview, which is much more glamorous than Yonkers. Acting outside of stereotype, these two guys in a conversion van stop to ask a local resident for directions.

Larry offers a ten minute monologue, regarding their three minute trip, that includes directions, access to drugs and hoes and his qualifications to star in an adult film. I can't remember much of the bullshit that Larry spouts off other than his starting most sentences with, "Bam!" (your welcome, Emeril) and his declaration claiming possession of a gold member.

I'm not sure where you are today, Larry. But, I miss you. You're an inspirational sumbitch. Bam! Right turn on green.

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