Top Ten Things You Should Know Right Now

10. Six days in Vega$ is about three too many.
9. I am flying out to New Orleans for Mickey & Beth's wedding tomorrow which completes my trifecta of weddings for March.
8. I just got back from the ankle doctor who told me that I have a split tendon, scar tissue and ligament damage in my right ankle from too many years of being an amateur stunt man.
7. My breakfast is almost finished cooking.
6. I am now a New Orleans Saints season ticket holder.
5. Surgery is scary. Four months of rehab is scarier.
4. I can hold my breath for a whole minute.
3. I won 15 bucks at poker last night.
2. The good news about ankle surgery and rehab is that it clears up the decision about staying in Austin or not.
1. My buddies, Todd & Lisa, had their baby; her name is Kalle, and she weighed 7lbs 13oz. Oh, she likes me so much she went to sleep when I held her.

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