Alanis Morissette is jumping the shark @ Starbucks right now

I'm sitting in the newest Houston Starbucks (shut up) trying to get a bit of non-work work finished up. Fat chance. I know that coffee shops aren't supposed to be like libraries, but FOR THE LOVE.

Alanis is dying over the sound system. She just got finished with her Joss Stone meets Sarah McLachlan interpretting Natalie Merchant version of Isn't Ironic dontcha think?

It's not ironic. It's CRAP.

What happened to the pissed off girl who made Fiona Apple look like a well-adjusted teenager? I used to be scared to listen to Jagged Little Pill in the dark because I thought I might wake up with bloody sheet sans twig-n-berries. She used to be edgy, captivating and inspiring. Now I wouldn't be surprised to hear that she's filling in for Celine Dion in Vegas.

If this is what a "matured artist" sounds like, then please, please, please don't ever mature. The mature version of Hand in My Pocket is making Hinder sound good and that's just wrong on too many levels.

At least I've still got the boys.

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