One down, six to go

Can you see my tonsils?
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Ladies & Gents, you may have experienced incredibly bad weather and lightning strikes this weekend and attributed it to something like atmospheric conditions. Uh, you'd be flat wrong. All that crappy weather indicated that the first of the seven signs of the apocalypse has been completed.

The Ambassador of New Orleans will now by Ombudsman of the Strawberry Patch. Big Dave has moved from New Orleans to Ponchatoula. Whatever happened ye old adage, "Big Man, Big Town?" I'll give you a minute to catch your breath.

It's taken me three months to digest this, but things really hit home when he called me from the cab of the moving truck on his way home. I was surprised he even got a signal way out there in the sticks. Didn't realize that Sprint PCS provided service in The Shire. Be sure to tell Frodo and all the other Ponchatoulian hobbitses that I said hi.

I wonder if this means the "New Orleans is Coming Back" magnets will be offered 5-for-1.


Dave said...

Remind me to kill you.

Dave said...

P.S. Why isn't Danny considered in the "down" category? And who are the un-named 6?

JB el JB said...

There are Seven Signs of the Apocalypse, no? This was the first sign, banana head.

MicNola said...

Wait, Dave moved from N.O.? FUDGE, I need a real estate agent, Strawberry Fields forever!! NOT, Dumb ASS. How could you, I'm so alone.