The request line is open. Call now.

My old cell phone started dying a slow death about 6 weeks ago after I dropped it in a puddle. What the? What happened to quality engineering? I guess that went the way of starting pitchers being expected to heave the ball for more than five innings.

ID_JudyAs the phone goes so do to the caller ID pictures and custom ring tones. All were lost when the replacement phone arrived. The Caller ID 2.0 pictures were relatively easy to reload since the cost is minimal. The ring tones are a different story. They actual cost. I'm a cheap bastard unless we're talking about vacations.

It's better to invest the $1.50 ring tone cost into long necks and valet parking. But if you request something good, I might just pony up the cashish.

I'm still laughing about JLe's request. And, uh, yeah, it's on the phone.


Lil Sass said...

My personal ringtone request: "You Can't Make a Ho a Housewife" by Snoop & Dre. This is not really about the ringtone, rather just a message for you to live by.

Anonymous said...

UGH! that effing song just WILL NOT DIE no matter how much i wich the universe to do so.

did you see fergie was voted the #1 butterface (buttaface?)

Ya, no shit.



ps - my new ringtone? Def Leppard. Pour some suga' on maaaaay!

Thats right. I know you jealous.