Top 5 Things I'm Trying to Figure Out Right Now

5. How many cups of coffee can one person drink before over caffeinating themselves to the point that their hand is shaking so fiercely that the next cup of coffee gets spilled before it can be consumed?

4. Which political party platform is most closely aligned with planks I hold dear: flip-flops, five weeks of bacation, free music downloads and recognition of Mardi Gras as a Federal holiday?

3. What career field, besides gymnast, offers flexible work location, flexible business attire and flexible hours?

2. Is gruntled a synonym for happy since pissed off workers are always disgruntled? And, is a "gruntle" something I can negotiate for more of at work?

1. How to get two million bucks in investment capital to start up the greatest restaurant ever. No, it is not a Hooters derivative.

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