HookerFest 7.0 Index

Beer can being properly used
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HookerFest was a blur as usual. Memories are hazy. And, what happens at HookerFest stays at HookerFest...at least until the pictures are posted online. The following points of information have not necessarily been approved for disclosure, but they seem innocuous enough.

HookerFest 7.0 Index:

+ Number of beer drunk during HF 7.0: 117
+ Number of beer cans launched from campfire: 17
+ Greatest distance traveled by a beer can: 34.5 feet
+ Greatest distance traveled by HookerFester: 2,314 miles
+ Number of HookerFesters under 36 inches in height: 3
+ Number of folks in hot tub - outdoor variety: 13
+ Number of folks in hot tub - indoor variety: 6
+ Number of chins possessed by Waylon, campground hound dog: 3+
+ Number of times Waylon, the campground hound dog, bathed his genetalia in public: 19
+ Passionate kisses shared by KG & Waylon: 3
+ Super Lame sessions contested in the cold spring pool: 3
+ Successful Super Lame rounds: 3
+ Bottles of tequila consumed during shout outs: 6
+ Speed limit in Pecos County: 80 MPH
+ Excessive speed warnings received by HookerFest 7.0 attendees: 1

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