Poison, poison. It's driving me outta my head.

Work has been an interesting experience ever since I rotated back into the general population. No more working from home from 10 am to 8 pm in my Batman PJs for days on end. No more fancy pants EVDO connection so that I can work from anywhere in the Wide World of Sports that I so desire. In short, my flexibility is gone.

I'm not looking for sympathy. I realized that the work location part of that job was the gravy train. Rather, I am merely pointing out that I've had a bit of trouble adjusting.

I struggled to find the fun in work since I jettisoned the PJs and began commuting to the office. Fortunately, I was accepted by the finance folks and permitted to join their commune of insane sanity within the bastion of boredom that is the balance of the cube farm.

Commuting still stinks, but at least my compadres are a good time. They rattle off jokes and movie quotes like college kids all day but still get the work done. Plus, Nick is a YouTube junky who sends me links all day.

Here's today's YouTube highlight; my favorite scene from Scrubs.

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Judy said...

dude! that looked almost exactly like my 7th grade talent show routine. except it was to janet jackson. and we wore suspenders, not scrubs. and it wasn't nearly as smooth - judging by the fact that we didn't make the cut. old wounds - just reopened. damn that bel biv divo!