Back in the cube farm

Back in the cube farm
Back in the cube farm
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For those of you who didn't receive the TPS report, I am back in the world of the billable and no longer riding the gravy train. The short answer to your question is "because it made sense, and I was sick of not having any leverage to get things done." I am reticent yet excited to be back on the delivery side of the house.

The tricky part of this situation is the immense level of autonomy inherent in my last position has resulted in me being spoiled shitless. The lynch pin of this is my ability to work from wherever whenever and to set my own travel schedule or to refuse to travel all together. Fortunately, I am pended for an in-town gig about eight miles from the ranch. I am working from the downtown office until that pans out.

Today's my second day back in the "real world" of cube farms and people that dress like a night club for an office space. I've worked from here a few times during my gravy train. I actually prefer working from here because of the infrastructure and my gregarious nature. But that was when I actually had some choice in the matter.

This choice was usually the result of an internal dialog in the shower.
How you feeling?
Pretty good, you?
Pretty good. Think I should go the office?
Not really feeling the office today. You should go to The Daily Grind instead.
Now, I have no choice. I must come into the office. The realization of the differences in these similar situations has been an exercise in a statement of obvious facts. But, it is still jaw jarring none the less.
Top 5 Things I Realized During My Drive Into the Office
5. Teaming is not effective when one works from home despite what any Internet2.0 junky says. CRAP. Looks like I'll be back in the pool of regular commuters.
4. Traffic sucks. I need to leave the house by 7:15 AM in order for traffic not to suck.
3. I have to work during normal business hours (8 AM to 6 PM) since the team I managing will be working during those hours.
2. Freeloading at the parking meters is no longer an option because I'll be "working" past 4 PM. The parking cops don't check during the day very often, but they're diligent as hell about ticketing after 4 PM and those bad boys cost $65 a pop.
1. I need to produce results daily.
Holy shit what have I done?

Anyone need a stay at home freeloader? I am reasonably decent at brogging and very skilled at cooking breakfast. Sometimes I'm funny, but only if I have been properly rested, watered and entertained. I prefer real food to Hot Pockets, flip flops to dress shoes, sushi over everything else and brunettes over blondes. Let me know if you need to see my CV or need references.


K.E.B said...

is that my valentine's day card on your cube wall!??

awh, you love me, you really love me!

ps - i'm a "manager" and i am still in an effing cube!

Julia said...

Welcome back to cube land JB!

And brunettes over blondes? Are you kidding me?!