"Normal Life" was nearly in reach yesterday

I interviewed with a potential Houston-based client for nearly four hours yesterday. All I have to show for the effort is a validated parking ticket and two not-so-great cups of coffee. Oh, well, if it ain't a fit, I ain't gonna force it. I thought that I had enough communications juice for them. Apparently, my grammar and rhetoric ain't up to snuff. That a load crap.

The most disappointing piece of the whole situation is that I am now back in limbo land instead of being on gig seven miles from my house for the next 18 months. Rat Farts! I even have a dog lined up. She's super chill around folks and affectionate and she's laughs at my jokes. Have I told you the one about the Shi Tzu / Standard Poodle mix that got a vasectomy at the dentist's office?

I haven't given up hope of bringing home Barkley or Kojak or Judy or UpDog or whatever her name is. But, it would be tough to justify given my uncertain travel situation and unpainted living room. Iff'n your interested in adopting her or know the owner, please drop me a line.

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