"Don't worry your pretty little head" The State is now available

Before MTV entered it's current spin cycle of suck, the network used to host kickass shows that were avant garde - think The Jon Stewart Show, The Ben Stiller Show, and Liquid Television. The State was a sketch comedy show during the 90's that made Saturday Night Live of that era look like Little House on the Prairie. The show was much funnier than its big network counterpart. Only In Living Color could come close to its edgey subjects and its lack of respect for social conventions.

What's not to love about two white pimps, nearly as cool as "a Drexl," with a love seat covered in $240 worth of vanilla puddin'? The answer is "nothing," which is why I scoured the universe and Best Buy for DVDs. No dice. I nearly lost my mind with the GoogleWeb told me that The State on DVD didn't exist due to some mumbo jumbo legal crapola.

PTL for Steve Yobs and his ability to convince folks that selling downloadable media is a good way to make money. So, The State is now available for download on iTunes. It's $2 per episode price tag works out to roughly $10 for Season 1, which is a much cheaper and less time consuming way to enjoy $240 worth of pudding and without the mess.

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Robert Bond said...

i want to dip my balls in it