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The Padres and the Cubs are currently tied up in the 13th inning right now. The guy across from me is a Padres fan so I've been sharing my SMS score updates with him since I'm such a good Christian (Thanks, Manatee). He didn't realize that I'm a Cubs fan and started to say, "Whatthe?" I cut him off and tried to send him a link to my explanation, which was previously published on The BackWord.com, a Texas-centric eZine for which I used to scribe. Unfortunately, it has gone the way of the jackalope.

TreyDogg reupped everything B-Dub to his brog, but the content didn't survive his recent migration to killer technology. This spurned me to post my stuff out here, so I am doing that now while listening to a conference call. I posted the articles on the date of their original publication, but have consolidated a list of links below. All of the original pictures were included here, but the funky Texas inspired graphic design did not survive.

I hope you dig it.
JB el JB from TheBackWord.com

+ The Parallels Between Texas and Italy from May 31, 2004

+ A Cubs Fan in Houston from July 19, 2004

+ Houston: A Really Big Small Town from August 9, 2004

+ What Non-Texans Don't Know... from September 27, 2004

+ 12 Steps for Surviving Austin City Limits Music Festival 2005 from October 10, 2004

+ I'm Tough and Stuff from October 24, 2004

+ H-Town Vintage* 2004 from January 1, 2005

+ Resolutions for Procrastinators from February 1, 2005

+ Searching for My LaFawnduh from March 1, 2005

+ Westward Ho: From TX to the OC from April 15, 2005

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Trey said...

Oh snap...didn't realize it was down. Apparently HTML doesn't like lower-case letters in the link. Here's the working link I'll probably forget to update on my page: