The real inconvenient truth for some is that Houston's a cool town

Lisa Falkenberg is a columnist for the Houston Chronicle who recently relocated from Austin to Houston. In today's piece, she describes a conversation that I have endured countless times since my November return to H-town after 18 months in Austin.
It's a strange phenomenon, the same thing all over Houston.

When I tell people I recently moved from the Chronicle's Austin bureau to start writing this column, I often get an apology.

"Oh, I'm sorry," they'll say. "That must have been a hard move. Don't you miss it?"

"No, actually," I usually say. "Austin gets really small after a while. There's Prozac in the water, and people seem overly concerned with being weird. Houston, with all its imperfections, is real to me. I love this place."
Preach on, sistuh girl. Hopefully folks will start to believe if enough of us residents set them straight. To you Houston Haters, local and not: why don't you step up the plate and take a swing at a good time instead of sitting back and bitching? Gimme a call. I'll be your wingman.


Lil Sass said...

Texas=sprawl and this scares me

thomamas said...

I couldn't have said it any better.