Impromptu survey finds tourists in NOLA still stupid

It's a long story, the details of which you'll be able to read shortly, but I'm stranded at Louis Armstrong Gate B5 right now. I've been overhearing little gems of stupidity all day, like New Yawkuhs howling and commenting on the Springer show they paid to watch in their TV chair or the woman crying to the gate agent after she missed her plane because she was in the bathroom. But, here's my personal favorite.
Touron 1: That place went to lunch for lunch today was great. What was it called?
Touron 2: Landry's. Yeah, it was great. The one in Dallas sucks.
As Dave would say, "YOU GET F!" You just visited the food capital of the South and went to a chain restaurant. YGBFKM!

They're from Dallas. I guess that splains things.

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